Stop Working for …………Others

Am I trying to say, all should stop working in Salaried Job and be Entrepreneurs. I am trying to say if you are a salaried job “Start working for yourself, Stop thinking that you are working for others”. This is fundamental for any Intrapreneurship culture. ¬†Attitude plays important in our life whether it’s professional or personal and if change attitude a little bit I may give a major change in our Inspiration, Outlook and approach towards our life.

We have seen many resources, employees work with dissatisfaction, keep on blaming the Organization and management but interestingly they keep on continuing the Job. This creates stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction within those resources. It does not stop there, it creates a Negative atmosphere in the team and Unit they represent. It actually affects themselves and the colleagues who come under the negative influence. This creates the most known challenge of Corporate World “Insecurity”

Can we change the scenario by changing the mind set a little bit?

Now on we will “Start working for Ourselves” and think Job as our own startup and own BOSS where we have Objective to achieve and have to work towards the same day in & day out. With this, we will see a change in looking at our Job differently. We will start looking for opportunities to succeed. We will start looking for challenges and risks and try to mitigate them to ensure we are successful. If we are not satisfied, we can Pivot the Job and change the Job where you can continue & be successful with excitement, energy, and satisfaction.

I have tried to put down few points which one can start analyzing and adopting in current Jobs to act as Intrapreneurs and make it successful so as the BU and Organization would succeed along with the employees.

  1. Integrity – This has to be MUST part to feel this is my Organization and I am key stakeholder and owner. Many resources keep on blaming the Organization, keep on continuing the same Job year and year with Stress, Dissatisfaction. This hurts both, the Individual and the Organization
  2. Adapt to Change and Agile MindSet – Every Organization undergoes with Change whether by internal or external factors. The same change will be transferred to each employee by some or other factor. One should be ready to adapt the changes, understand the changes, its impact and work towards making the success with the Changes. This helps in building Agile Mindset, where the resource can adapt the changes, make necessary improvement and observe the Outcome to again keep on adopting new measures. Here every resource has a window to Pivot whenever they feel so rather continuing with stress, dissatisfaction. Take control of your situations and if you want to continue giving your 200% rather than cribbing against the changes. You can always have chance to leave the BUS rather than continuing the BUS with dissatisfaction
  3. Working with Constraints – Whether its start-up or a working as Job, every entrepreneur or an employee needs to understand there would be Contraints and rather than fighting with those constraints, it’s the best way to understand those constraints and associated risk to work on risk mitigation plan. Fighting does not help but accepting and working on the Risk Response Plan will.
  4. Communication – Most of the employee when they work in a team doesn’t like reporting. I always say it’s not reporting but its communication. We should communicate whether is some achievement, failure, challenge or need of some support. The regular communication helps to work collaboratively to ensure things are communicated on time and those are addressed for best of everyone’s benefit. Look at the reporting as “Way of Communication” rather than report or a meaning less list.
  5. You are the owner of your Success and Failure – Employees and resources have a habit of blaming others for their failures. But in Intrapreneurship concept you are CEO and you have to take the accountability and responsibility of what you are doing. All others are resources for you and you need to take help of these resources time to time to achieve what you are looking for. If you are unable to utilize the resources you need to accept the failure responsibility and really check what could have avoided the failure.


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