Stakeholders in Sales & Marketing

You being a Sales and Marketing champion and in very complex negotiation meeting you see all new faces sitting across the table. You get surprised felt going into war with banana in hand instead of a Gun. Yes, this happens when we are not well prepared and take wrong instruments to jump into a War.

Project Management Institute has taken “stakeholder engagement” seriously have ask all the Project Managers to take note of Stakeholder Identification and asked to do Communication based on the analysis. The same concept is very useful in Sales and Marketing. We know Sales and Marketing processes are comprised of Effective Communication and knowing the stakeholde involved in the sales cycle is key to Qualify, Negotiate and Win the Sales deal.


Whether it is new business development or Key Account Management one should follow –

  1. Stakeholder Identification on regular basis
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Stakeholder Communication and Engagement


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