Transformation – Top to Bottom

Transformation is what everyone needs. The way ecosystem is changing with high velocity, disruption and change adoption is not new. All organizations are talking about transformation and making the team lean and Agile. The Organization starts reskilling the complete team and individuals on lean/agile methodologies.

Nothing wrong, but when the leaders want to see the ROI, not able to really┬ámake out business value to the Organization. Every executive and top management start thinking – what went wrong? We reskilled everyone and implemented new and latest methodology and Framework then why we are not able to see the result.

Organization Executive miss the connect of Vision with the Transformation. The message is clear but is not communicated to everyone. Top executives initiate the transformation but won’t commit themselves thinking that it is others JOB.

No, Top Management needs to commit completely and need to get involved 100% to ensure their vision is shared and communicated with all the Organization members so that everyone moves in the same direction with the same thought process.

The transformation starts with Organisation Stakeholder and Top Management and if they don’t commit, the transformation remains only on PAPER.

There is amazing book Leading Change by John P. Kotter which is a good read for all leaders.

As per John, there are some points which Leaders oversee during the Change and Transformation

  • Allowing too much complacency (safe-zone)
  • Creating and implementing powerful guiding coalition framework
  • Underestimating power of Vision
  • Under-communicating vision and its power by 10-100x
  • Allowing obstacles to block the new vision and change
  • Not tracking and ensuring short-term WINs
  • Getting in safe-zone quickly and declaring change or victory too soon
  • Forgetting to keep Change to sustain and anchor

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