We are Keen to Go Beyond Consulting Services

We help Enterprises in Agility and Change adoption by working with the team on various strategies and methodology which suits to the requirement and time. We believe there is no single methodology suits for every Enterprise and each situation. We help Enterprise to understand the situation, challenges and various possible methodologies to build customized one for the Enterprise. We follow frameworks and methodologies like SAFe 4.0, PMBoK, Lean, Portfolio Management, Design Thinking with enhancing skills like Emotional Intelligence.

Hand Holding

We provide consulting & handholding in each phase of a growing Organization whether its Startup, Growth or Diversification. This include Customer Journey Mapping, Key Account Management, Vertical and Horizontal Growth in Revenue & Profit.

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Lean and Agility in Enterprise brings Change in Organization Culture, Team and overall process. We understand and build roadmap for Enterprise Agile transformation. We use frameworks and methodologies like SAFe and Portfolio Management.

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Learning in each phase of work and transformation helps the team and stakeholders to align with Organizational Objective and we help them in the process. We provide regular small training capsules as well deep dive training experience.

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Stop Working for …………Others

Am I trying to say, all should stop working in Salaried Job and be Entrepreneurs. I am trying to say if you are a salaried job “Start working for yourself, Stop thinking that you are working for others”. This is fundamental for any Intrapreneurship culture. ¬†Attitude plays important in our life whether it’s professional or…

Transformation – Top to Bottom

Transformation is what everyone needs. The way ecosystem is changing with high velocity, disruption and change adoption is not new. All organizations are talking about transformation and making the team lean and Agile. The Organization starts reskilling the complete team and individuals on lean/agile methodologies. Nothing wrong, but when the leaders want to see the…